Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics

IX International Conference (Pushchino, October 17–19, 2022)

Materials of the VIII Conference of the Working group

In two volumes, Conference materials and Falcons of the Palearctic

Readings in the memory of N. M. Przhevalsky

VII International Scientific and Practical Conference

EcoSummit 2023

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Latest news

New website of the Selevinia journal

Selevinia is the first scientific zoological journal in the Kazakhstan-Central Asian region. Published since 1993. Publishes articles about animals of a vast region of Asia, including the territories of the states of Central Asia.

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“At the golden eagle's nest”, or to the question of the expression “hope dies last”

Back in 2002, when I was only 56 years old, I built an artificial nesting site for the most powerful eagle in the northern Palearctic, the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), on a huge raised bog. Time flew by like a courier train, and the eagles nested in other nests, but I continued to believe and wait, periodically updating this building.

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Manual for the protection of birds on power lines

Guidelines for ensuring ornithological safety of power grid facilities of medium power on the example of the Volgograd region (methodological guide)

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Live broadcast from the Black Stork nest

The camera was placed on a neighboring oak tree in mid-June 2022 by members of the KOO with the consent of the Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection in Poznań.

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The nigth shadow

Nocturnal hunting of the Peregrine Falcon on the corvids in Romania

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Worrying about the eagles

I am not only an “enemy of progressive mankind” (that part of it that, according to “gray” schemes, with the support of the authorities, builds up camp sites and cottages on the shores of Lake Baikal), but also an ornithologist. The main object of my research is the birds of prey of Cisbaikalia, primarily eagles.

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Nearest deadlines


Application deadline for Moscow government award 2022 for young scientists


Closing registration for the conference “Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics”


Early registration for the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Readings in memory of N. M. Przhevalsky”


End of early registration and acceptance of abstracts for the Second All-Russian Ornithological Congress


Ending of late registration for the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Readings in memory of N. M. Przhevalsky”

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Photo of the day

White-tailed Eagles. Author: Oleg Katugin