Events in the world of raptors

International Ornithological Congress 2022:

Durban, largest city in the coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal, will host ornithology's largest global congress in 2022.

Durban, 14.08.2022 – 20.08.2022 296 days left .

Nests, eggs and chicks: reproduction in a changing world. BOU annual conference:

Within bird life histories, breeding events represent an opportunity to measure some of the fundamental drivers of population and evolutionary processes. It is a crucially important life stage that has heavy energetic demands on parents and offspring, and its consequences can be felt throughout the lifetime of the individuals involved. For offspring, the maternal and environmental effects of their rearing conditions influence their phenotype which determines their competitive and reproductive success later in life. For adults, the investment in offspring brings great rewards but also incurs costs that might carry-over for years. An understanding of the key components of reproductive success can provide important insights into the mechanisms of change and any potential associated limitations.

Nottingham, 12.04.2022 – 14.04.2022 173 days left .

13th congress of the European Ornithologists’ Union:

13th congress of the European Ornithologists’ Union

Giessen, 01.03.2022 – 31.03.2022 130 days left .

Birds and people: from conflict to co-existence | #BOUasm21:

This pioneering conference will facilitate a platform to explore the potential of a) science to provide data-driven solutions to this complex topic and b) the collaboration between multiple disciplines (e.g. natural scientists, social scientists and ecologists) and other stakeholders to develop fresh, interesting and effective approaches to conflicts between birds and people.

Peterborough, 09.11.2021 – 09.11.2021 19 days left .

First all-Russian with international participation scientific and practical conference on the study of bird feather cover:

The aim of the conference is to exchange information in the field of modern ptilological research between collectors and professional researchers of bird feathers.

Ulyanovsk, 22.10.2021 – 23.10.2021 1 day left .