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Recently, I discovered an interesting and useful resource: electronic biological library zoomet.ru. Here is what its creator Sergei Gorchakov writes about it:

“Zoomet” online library frontpage

All e-books collected in the library are provided for review absolutely free of charge.
All materials are taken from open sources or sent by visitors and are presented for informational purposes only. All rights to books belong to their authors and publishers. At any time, at the request of the author or copyright holder, we are ready to remove materials from the library.

Most of the books posted on the site - with direct links, right-click on the link and select "Save target as ..." It is recommended to use a download manager.

If you want to share the scanned literature, upload the book to any file hosting service and send the link to e-mail - zoometod@mail.ru, VKontakte - www.vk.com/zoomet, Facebook - www.facebook.com/zoometod.

Before scanning a book, check if it is in electronic form so as not to do extra work.

I accept applications in the search for electronic and paper biological books in Russian and foreign languages, with the obligatory indication of the exact title, author and year of publication.

I'll add two things from myself:

1. There are ornithological sections on the site, and as many as three: these are

2. Of particular value to the library is the huge amount of old and even ancient materials belonging to the pre-digital era. These are books, collections of conferences, etc. Many of them, I am sure, are real rarities, so this resource can be highly recommended.

Thanks to the author of the library and every success to him!

​Michael Romanov

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