Nest of peregrine falcon on the roof of URALSIB Bank office in Ufa

Uralsib Bank has launched an annual online broadcast from the nesting site of the family of peregrine falcons that breed chicks on the roof of a high-rise bank building in the business center of Ufa. The falcons returned to their usual place in the last decade of March. In the clutch at the beginning of May this year - 4 eggs. The first egg in the clutch appeared on April 11, and ornithologists expect the first chick to appear in mid-May. At about 20-21 days of the chicks' life, ornithologists will ring and give each of them names. In the first year of the project in 2019, there were two chicks, and they were named Sibir and Uralochka.

The broadcast is available on the bank's YouTube channel live. This is a unique experience of observing peregrine falcons living in an urban environment. The last 12 hours of recording are available for viewing - you can rewind and review the life of the falcon family. In the chat you can ask questions about the project and birds, mark interesting moments. As usual, ornithologists on duty from the Ufa Birds Atlas project and the Russian Geographical Society in the Republic of Bashkortostan will be able to answer the audience several times a day.

“Ufa is the only city in which such a number of nesting pairs of peregrine falcons have been registered,” says project ornithologist Elza Gabbasova. – In 2022, we see an increase in their number: not only previously known couples have returned to the city: new families have been noticed both in the southern and northern parts of Ufa. We periodically monitor everyone, but a detailed study of their lifestyle is possible only within the framework of a project with the bank, thanks to round-the-clock broadcasting and a video archive.”

The falcon family returns every spring to the height of the 25th floor of the Uralsib bank building, where it occupies a small technical ledge covered with a mixture of gravel and sand. Together with the Bashkir branch of the Russian Bird Conservation Union and the initiative group of the Ufa Bird Atlas project, the bank has been broadcasting the life of peregrine falcons online every spring since 2019. Employees have installed a camera, arranged for ornithologists to access it, and even make regular repairs to the ledge to keep rainwater from flooding the birds and their offspring. Previous broadcasts gained a huge number of views and received feedback from ornithologists from around the world.

About what and how is happening on the roof of the bank and why it is convenient for birds to be located there, is described in the film by Galiya Gaysina (ornithologist, participant in the Atlas of Birds of Ufa project) and a group of scientists based on the results of broadcasts of previous years - https://ufabirds. ru/film-o-gnezdovanii-sapsanov-na-banke-uralsib-v-ufe/.

Source: Atlas of Ufa birds

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