“Moskovka” journal, volume 36

“Moskovka” journal, volume 36

A new, 36th issue of the “Moskovka” journal has been released.

The issue is unusually rich and voluminous - 72 pages in A4 format, which is a record.


News and prospects of the program. M.V. Kalyakin.

Waterfowl censuses

  •     Species composition and abundance of waterfowl in Moscow in the summer of 2021 and 2022. K.V. Avilova
  •     Results of the count of waterfowl and near-water birds wintering on the Moscow and Oka rivers in the capital and Moscow region in the 2021/2022 season. V.A. Zubakin and others.
  •     Results of monitoring white stork nests in the Moscow Region in 2022. K.Yu. Shamina

The arrival of birds in the spring of 2022. H. Groot Kurkamp

Brief messages

  •     The first sighting of the Little Egret in the Moscow region. M.A. Shvedko
  •     The first case of the Mandarin Duck nesting in Moscow. A.A. Lapin
  •     Hunting a young Osprey in the Lotoshinsky fish farm. V.P. Avdeev
  •     Finding a brood of Merlin in the Lotoshinsky fish farm, Moscow Region. V.P. Avdeev
  •     Local population of the ringed Turtle Dove in New Moscow, Novo-Spasskoye settlement. A.N. Balaev
  •     The second successful nesting of the Ural Owl in Moscow in 2022. V.P. Avdeev
  •     About the nesting of two pairs of the Middle Spotted Woodpecker in the oak forest of the Butovsky polygon in 2022. V.B. Artamonov, S.A. Sukhorukov
  •     About the nesting of the Little Flycatcher in the forest park of the Butovsky Polygon in 2022. V.B. Artamonov, S.A. Sukhorukov
  •     Finding a nest of a Goldfinch in Moscow in a residential area of ​​​​the Otradnoye district. V.P. Avdeev, A.A. Bugrov
  •     Birds of the Bitsevsky forest. M.V. Kalyakin and others.

Interesting meetings. H. Groot Kurkamp (comp.)

There will be no printed version yet.

You can download the 36th issue of Moskovka on the Program website or here: Download (pdf, 13.79 MB)

Source: Russian Society for Bird Conservation and Study

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