“Moskovka” journal, v. 37

The 37th issue of Moskauka magazine is out

Moskovka. News from the programme Birds of Moscow and the Moscow region. V. 37, April 2023


М. V. Kalyakin. News and programme perspectives

Keeping the list of bird species of Moscow and Moscow region

М. V. Kalyakin, O. V. Voltsit. Updates for early 2023

Н. S. Morozov. Additional Materials for Moscow Red Data Book

Waterfowl counts

К. V. Avilova. Results of the 39th Annual Winter Census of Waterfowl in Moscow

В. A. Zubakin et al. Wintering of waterfowl and waterbirds on Moscow river and Oka river in Moscow Region in the season 2022/2023

M. A. Shvedko, G. S. Yeremkin, V. A. Zubakin. Nesting of rare birds in Moscow and Moscow Region

В. P. Avdeev. Long-tailed Duck migration in Moscow and Moscow Region

V. B. Artamonov. On the nesting of the Great Spotted Woodpecker at Butovo polygon in 2003-2022

Short communications

А. N. Balaev. Finding a Common Redshank's nesting population in New Moscow

А. A. Kadetova, N. G. Kadetov. Observations of wintering grey partridges in a cottage settlement in the flood land of Moscow river near Zvenigorod

Г. Е. Kirillov. Few statistics on the results of winter season 2022/2023 in preparation of the Atlas of Birds of Moscow and Moscow Region

А. V. Sazonov. Yet more about results of last winter season

Х. Groot Kurkamp (compiler). Interesting meetings

The journal may be read on web-site “Birds of Moscow and Moscow region” or downloaded from BirdsRussia.ru (pdf, 11.42 Mb)

Source: BirdsRussia.ru

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