“Birds of prey in anthropogenic, natural and quasi-natural landscapes: current challenges and trends”: VIII International Conference of the Working Group on Raptors of Northern Eurasia

The conference is dedicated to the memory of Alexander Ivanovich Shepel.

Voronezh, 20.09.2021 – 25.09.2021

Falcons of the Palearctic: Distribution, populations, ecology and conservation

The Falcons of the Palearctic: Distribution, populations, ecology and conservation: Proceedings of the VIII International Conference, Voronezh Nature Biosphere Reserve, 21 – 27 September, 2020. – Rostov-on-Don – Voronezh, 2020. – 226 p.

ISBN 978-5-93737-173-7

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Download materials (PDF file).

The collection of papers contains thematic original materials presented at the VIII International Conference of the Working Group on the Birds of Prey of the Northern Eurasia on 21-27 September, 2020, in Voronezh Nature Biosphere Reserve. They are dedicated to features of distribution, ecology, and taxonomy of the Falcons (genus Falco) in the Northern Eurasia, and also to their interspecific relations, behavior and migration periods. The book is intended for conservationists, ornithologists and birdwatchers, biology teachers and students.


Preface. 9–10

Shergalin J.E. «FALCO» – Newsletter of Middle East Falcon Research Group (MEFRG). 11–12

Fauna and Ecology of Falcons in Northern Eurasia

Bragin E.A. On the ecology of small falcons in the Naurzum Nature Reserve and adjacent territories. 13–23

Davygora A.V., Leneva E.A. Distribution, number and problems of conservation of three species of small falcons in steppe landscapes of the Orenburg Region. 24–37

Ilyukh M.P. Current status populations of small falcons in Stavropol Region. 37–49

Nazin A.S., Nazin Ya.A. Falcons of Svetlinsky district (Orenburg Region). 50–54

Ostapenko V.A. Hunting falcons in the collections of the Euro-Asian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquaria. 54–62

Romanov V.V., Bykov Yu.A., Sergeev M.A. Rare protected falcons in Vladimir Region. 62–71

Sokolov A.Yu. Current distribution and status of small falcon species in Belgorod Region. 71–76

Solovkov D.A., Kalashnikova O.A. Falcons of some Lipetsk areas: number, distribution and population trends. 76–81

Soloviev S.A., Yakovlev K.A. The modern image of the biological diversity of falcon species of genus Falco in the forest-steppe and steppe of the Omsk Region. 81–84

Shukov P.M., Bakka S.V. Falcons of genus Falco in Nizhniy Novgorod Region. 84–91

The Peregrine Falcon in the different regions of Russia

Bekmansurov R.H. Distribution of Peregrine Falcon in Tatarstan on the Lower Kama and the Bugulminsko-Belebeevskaya Upland. 92–97

Korovin V.A., Nekrasov A.E., Suslova T.A. The Peregrine Falcon food connections in the mountain taiga of the Middle Urals. 97–105

Lobanov S.G., Khrabry V.M. On new records, finds and status of the Peregrine Falcon in the Leningrad Region. 106–112

Polezhankina P.G., Abbasova E.Z. On ecology and distribution of Peregrine Falcon in the city of Ufa. 112–116

Tilba P.A., Mnatsekanov R.A. Long-term monitoring research of the Peregrine Falcon population in the Black Sea shore in the Caucasus. 116–127

Fufachov I.A., Sokolov A.A., Pokrovskaya O.B., Sokolov V.A. Analysis of the Peregrine Falcon breeding in southern Yamal during twenty yearsSaker Falcon and Gyrfalcon in Palearctic. 128–129

Belik V.P. Current status of the Saker Falcon in the South of Russia. 130–138

Behme I.R., Sarychev E.I., Marchenko A.A. Gyrfalcon breeding in captivity: first insights into Сhukotka population recovery program. 139–141

Karyakin I.V., Nikolenko E.G., Shnayder E.P. Population-subspecies structure and phenotypic diversity of the Saker Falcon: trends for the last 10 years in Russia and Kazakhstan. 142–150

Lobkov E.G., Gerasimov Yu.N., Gorovenko A.V. The Gyrfalcon in Kamchatka: state of the population, its phenotypical aspect and problems of conservation. 150–178

Marchenko A.A., Behme I.R., Sarychev E.I. Vocalization of the Saker Falcon and Gyrfalcon. 178–179

Nikolenko E.G., Shnayder E.P., Karyakin I.V. The Saker Falcon in the Altai-Sayan Region: twenty-year monitoring results. 179–188

Rozhkova D.N., Zinevich L.S., Karyakin I.V., Redkin Ya.A., Tambovtseva V.G., Shramko G., Sorokin A.G. Gyr- and Saker Falcons genetic identification problems and prospects. 189–197

Sokolov A.A., Fufachyov I.A., Sokolov V.A. Expansion of the breeding range of the Gyrfalcon due to industrial development of Yamal. 198–199

Red-Footed Falcons and Kestrels in the Northern Eurasia

Bochkov A.V. The Red-footed Falcon in the vicinity of Khanty-Mansiysk. 200–204

Sviridov D.A. The dynamics of the Kestrel number in the city of Orel over the past 20 years. 204–210

Toushkin A.A., Matveeva O.A. The Amur Falcon in the territory of the Zeyа-Bureуа Plain (Amur Region). 210–216

Fedosov V.N., Malovichko L.V. Population status of the Red-footed Falcon in Stavropol Region. 217–225


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General information

The conference is dedicated to the memory of Alexander Ivanovich Shepel.

Dates: 20.09.2021 – 25.09.2021.

Place: Voronezh, Russia.

Organizers: Peskov's Voronezh State Natural Biosphere Reserve, Southern Federal University, Menzbir Ornithological Society, Russian Bird Conservation Union.