“Birds of prey in anthropogenic, natural and quasi-natural landscapes: current challenges and trends”: VIII International Conference of the Working Group on Raptors of Northern Eurasia

The conference is dedicated to the memory of Alexander Ivanovich Shepel.

Voronezh, 20.09.2021 – 25.09.2021

Birds of prey in landscapes of the Northern Eurasia: Current
challenges and trends

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Birds of prey in landscapes of the Northern Eurasia: Current challenges and trends: Proceedings of the VIII International Conference, Voronezh Nature Biosphere Reserve, 21–27 September, 2020. – Tambov, 2020. – 544 p.

ISBN 978-5-907349-09-4

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The collection of papers contains the materials of the reports presented at the VIII International Conference of the Working Group on the Birds of Prey of the Northern Eurasia on 21–27 September 2020, in the Voronezh Nature Biosphere Reserve. Materials of Conference concern the general problems of research and conservation of the birds of prey, current status of their populations in the Northern Eurasia, ecology, behavior and adaptations of birds of prey to the modern environment, features of their migrations.
The book is intended for conservationists, ornithologists and birdwatchers, biology teachers and students.

Content of the book:

Vengerov P. D., Belik V. P. Preface. 17–20

In memory of Alexander Shepel (28.05.1953 – 19.03.2018) 21–25

Kharin R. Together with Alexander Shepel. 26–31

N, Shepel. About Alexander Shepel, 32–34

General questions of research and conservation of birds of prey

Bartoszuk Kordian. Dataloggers of «Aquila» company and «AquilaSystem» – support system of scientific studies. 3536

Belik V. P. Population dynamics of birds of prey in southern Russia and the North Caucasus: chronology, causes, mechanisms. 3745

Galushin V.M., Bogomolov D.V., Egorova N.A., Zakharova N.Yu., Kalashnikova O.A., Kostin A.B., Solovkov D.A. Adaptations of raptors of the Oka-Don interfluve to their current habitats. 4549

Dombrovsky V.Ch., Zhuravlev D.V. Population dynamics of birds of prey in the Polesie State Radiation-Ecological Reserve (Belarus). 5060

Enaleev I.R., Sergeev S.A., Kuznetsova I.N. Birds of prey for falconry or for patrol service: similarity and difference? 6062

Ilyukh M.P., Shevtsov A.S. Role of power lines in distribution of birds of prey and owls in Stavropol Territory and adjacent areas. 6370

Kuznetsov A.V. Changes in the structure of the community of birds of prey due to anthropogenic transformation of the environment and the process of ecogenesis. 7078

Kuznetsova I.N., Lyzhenkov V.V. The hunting birds of prey for scaring bird service: selection and effective work. 7881

Numerov A.D., Vengerov P.D., Sokolov A.Yu. Falconiformes in the Red Data Book of the Voronezh Region: status and limiting factors. 8287

Ostapenko V.A., Cherny E.N. The use of the Common Kestrel and Eurasian Sparrowhawk in the zoo collections. 8792

Romanov V.V. Cardiomyopathy in the weakened wild birds of prey. 9295

Saltykov A.V. The problem of «Birds of Prey and Power Lines» and its solution in Russia (40 years since the publication of V.M. Peskov’s unique essay «Birds on Wires»). 96103

Sokolov A.Yu. Attempts to attract birds of prey to breeding in Voronezh Region: initial prospects and current results. 103107

Shalnova M.A., Andreenkova N.G., Karyakin I.V., Schneider E.P., Zhimulev I.F. Morphometric classification functions for field sex determination of chicks in some raptors in the Altai-Sayan region. 108111

Sharikov A.V., Volkov S.V., Sviridova T.V., Buslakov V.V. Impact of the trophic and weather-climatic factors on the number dynamic of vole-eating birds of prey in the breeding habitat. 111113

Babushkin M.V., Demina O.A. Results and prospects of work of the rehabilitation center for birds of prey on basis of the Darwin Nature Reserve.

Shergalin J.E. Falconry on the postcards of the ex-USSR. 117120

Shergalin J.E. Falconry on paintings and in sculptures of the Russian artists-emigrants. 121126

Dynamics of populations and fauna of birds of prey in the changing environment

Andreenkova N.G., Andreenkov O.V., Karyakin I.V., Starikov I.Yu., Literak I., Vink M., Zhimulev I.F. Distribution and demographic history of the Black Kite subspecies. 126129

Arinina A.V. The Swallow-tailed Kite Elanoides forficatus registration in the Arsk region of the Republic of Tatarstan. 129130

Bakka C.V., Kiseleva N.Yu. The birds of prey of the Tulashor site of the Nurgush Nature Reserve and the surrounding area. 131134

Belik V.P. Birds of prey of Elbrus region, their connection with the Caucasian mountain souslik and some consequences of trophic competition. 135143

Blokhin Yu.Yu. The birds of prey in the south-west of Moscow. 143148

Bragin E.A., Bragin A.E. The birds of prey of semi-deserts and deserts of southern Turgay, Kazakhstan. 148154

Bulycheva I.A. Birds of prey agrolandscapes of the forest-steppe zone of the Ryazan Region. 154159

Butov G.S. Birds of prey of the Zhirovsky forest (Voronezh Region). 160164

Vengerov P.D., Butov G.S. Birds of prey of the Voronezh Nature Reserve and their fauna dynamics in the XX-XXI centuries. 164173

Vlasov A.A., Mironov V.I., Vlasova O.P., Vlasov E.A. Rare species of birds of prey in the Kursk Region. 173182

Dzhamirzoev G.S., Bukreev S.A. The rare breeding birds of prey of Sarykum and its vicinities. 182188

Komarov Yu.E., Shevtsov D.S. The birds of prey fauna (recent state) in North Ossetia. 188193

Kostin A.B. Changes in the habitats of birds of prey due to overgrowing of agricultural land in the southern part of the Kaluga
. 194198

Lobkov E.G. Raptor birds and owls of Kamchatka: species diversity and population trends. 199203

Morozov V.V. The current changes in distribution and number dynamic in some rare species of birds of prey in Orenburg Region. 203213

Muzaev V.M., Erdnenov G.I. New datа on several Falconiformes registered in the Red Data Book of Kalmykia. 213218

Nazin A.S., Nazin Ya.A. Birds of prey in Shalkar-Zhetykolꞌ lakes region. 218221

Nasrulaev N.I. Fauna of diurnal birds of prey in the surroundings of the city of Makhachkala and its changes. 221226

Oparin M.L., Mamaev A.B., Oparina O.S. Species composition and density distribution of birds of prey (Falconiformes) in the Volga-Ural interfluve. 227231

Pirogov N.G. Birds of prey of Bogdo-Baskunchak Nature Reserve. 232239

Pozdnjakov V.I. Birds of prey in the Lipovy Donets River valley. 239242

Romanov V.V., Bykov Yu.A., Pozharsky D.A., Sergeev M.A. Current state of populations of some rare protected species of Accipitridae birds in the territory of Vladimir Region. 242246

Sviridov D.A. Birds of prey in the south-western part of the Oryol Region. 247251

Sklyar E.A. The participation of amateur ornithologists in the study of birds of prey in the Kursk Region. 252256

Solovkov D.A., Kalashnikova O.A. Influence of agriculture and anthropogenic pressure on the number and distribution of birds of prey in some areas of the Lipetsk Region. 256261

Solovyev S.A., Yakovlev K.A. The modern image of the biological diversity of birds of prey in the forest-steppe and steppe of the Omsk region. Message 1. 261264

Solovyev S.A., Yakovlev K.A. The modern image of the biological diversity of birds of prey in the forest-steppe and steppe of the Omsk region. Message 2. 265269

Tilba P.A., Shagarov L.M., Gordienko A.S. The birds of prey and owls of natural ornithological park in the Imeretinskaya Lowland. 270277

Toushkina A.F., Sandakova S.L. Birds of prey in the city of Blagoveshchensk. 278283

Ecology and behaviour of birds of prey in modern conditions

Andreenkov O.V., Andreenkova N.G., Zhimulev I.F., Urusov L.V. Breeding of Falconiformes and Strigiformes in artificial nests in the Novosibirsk Region. 283287

Ayupov A.S. Transit migration peculiarities in birds of prey in the mouth of the Kama River. 287290

Bochkov A.V. The Pallid Harrier in the vicinity of Khanty-Mansiysk. 290294

Bulycheva I.A. The Goshawk in agrolandscapes of the forest-steppe zone of the Ryazan Region. 295

Vanyushkin A.V. On the ecology of harriers in the Republic of Mordovia. 296297

Gridneva V.V., Mel'nikov V.N. Factors, affecting the location of nest territories in the Hen Harrier in the Eastern Upper Volga region. 297300

Grishanov G.V., Grishanova Yu.N. The Red Kite in the southeast of the Baltic region in a changing environment. 300305

Gugueva E.V., Belik V.P., Makhmutov R.Sh. Data on migration phenology of birds of prey in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain in Volgograd Region. 305310

Dyatlova M.V. Analysis of behavior and time budgets of different age chicks of the Black Kite, p.1: The forms of chicks’ behavior. 310314

Dyatlova M.V. Analysis of behavior and time budgets of different age chicks of the Black Kite, p.2: Peculiarities of chicks’ behavior. 315319

Zinovyev A.V. The Short-toed Eagle in Tver Region. 320321

Lebedeva N.V., Lomadze N.H. The Marsh Harrier on the Veselovsky reservoir. 321325

Matveeva O.A., Toushkin A.A. The Black Kite in the territory of the Zeyа-Bureуа Plain (Amur Region). 326332

Meshcheryakova N.O., Strelkov V.A., Rusanov G.M., Perkovskiy M.N. The influence of the Asian locust number outbreaks on the course of autumn migration of Falconiformes in the Volga River delta. 332338

Muzaev V.M., Erdnenov G.I. New data on the Long-legged Buzzard in Kalmykia. 338344

Pavlov I.S., Makarenkov V.N. Atypical cases of Sparrowhawk breeding in an urban environment. Modern realities on the example of the Samara city. 344349

Sarychev V.S. The Long-legged Buzzard in the Central Chernozem (Black earth) region: features of resettlement and current state. 349354

Sviridov D.A. On the issue of the Common Buzzard subspecies in the south-west of the Oryol Region. 354355

Sokolov A.Yu. The Levant Sparrowhawk in the north of the Middle Don River basin: range dynamics and current prospects for the existence of this species in the south of Central Black Earth Region. 356359

Fufachev I.A., Erikh D., Sokolov A.A., Sokolova N.A., Sokolov V.A. Flexibility in a changing arctic food web: can the Rough-legged Buzzards cope with changing small rodent communities? 360

Eagles, sea eagles and vultures: ecology, the population status and conservation

Bochkov A.V. The Osprey in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. 361365

Bukreev S.A., Dzhamirzoev G.S. White-tailed Eagle in Dagestan: the current state on breeding and wintering. 365371

Demerdzhiev D.A., Dobrev D.D., Popgeorgiev G.S., Stoychev S.A. Habitat changes impact on the Eastern Imperial Eagle demography in Bulgaria. 371374

Demerdzhiev D.A., Dobrev D.D., Arkumarev V.S. Habitat requirements of the Lesser Spotted Eagle on the southern periphery of the distribution range. 375381

Dobrev D.D., Arkumarev V.S., Dobrev V.D. Status, distribution and trend of the vulture populations in Bulgaria. 382386

Zinevich L.S., Shchepetov D.M., Tambovtseva V.G., Bekmansurov R.H., Barashkova A.N., Nikolenko E.G., Karyakin I.V. Population structure and genetic diversity of sympatric Aquila species: Steppe and Imperial eagles. 386390

Ivanchev V.P. The number and ecology of White-tailed Eagle in Ryazan Region. 390398

Korepov M.V. Migration routes, wintering and summering sites of the Imperial Eagles from the Volga River region population. 398403

Masterov V.B., Davydov Ya.V., Romanov M.S., Solovyev M.Yu. Some characteristics of the Steller’s Sea Eagle habitats and their influence on the breeding success. 403408

Masterov V.B., Puzachenko M.Yu., Romanov M.S., Rvantseva O.E. Evaluation of the quality of sea eagle habitats using unmanned aerial vehicles and GIS modeling. 408412

Romanov M.S., Masterov V.B. Indirect impact of the Brown Bear predation on the Steller’s Sea Eagle population on the Sakhalin Island. 413416

Mishchenko A.L., Karvovskiy D.A., Sharikov A.V., Grinchenko O.S., Mel'nikov V.N., Bekmansurov R.H., Ivanov M.N., Korepov M.V., Zubkova O.A. The first results of the Greater Spotted Eagles tagging with GPS-GSM trackers in the Central Russia and the Middle Volga River region. 416421

Pchelintsev V.G., Shashkin M.M. Movements of the White-tailed Eagle in the Volga River region. 421425

Rustamov E.A., Yankov P., Shcherbina A.A., Atadzhanov Ya.B., Khodzhamuradov Kh.I. On the Egyptian Vulture population status in Turkmenistan. 425433

Ryabtsev V.V. Dynamics of the Front-Baikalian Imperial Eagle population. 433437

Ryabtsev V.V., Alekseenko M.N., Olovyannikova N.M. The Golden Eagle on the western shores of the Lake Baikal. 437442

Sarychev V.S. The current status and population estimates of the Booted Eagle in the Lipetsk Region and the Central Black Earth region. 442447

Spiridonov S.N., Lapshin A.S., Grishutkin G.F. The Greater Spotted Eagle in Mordovia. 447453

Fefelov I.V., Anisimov Yu.A. Spatial distribution of the White-tailed Eagle in the Selenga River delta (Buryatia, Lake Baikal) in the 2010s. 453457

Shubina Yu.E., Mel'nikov M.V. The White-tailed Eagle breeding in the vicinity of Lipetsk. 457461

Babushkin M.V., Kuznetsov A.V., Delgado M.M. Peculiarities of migration and wintering places of the Ospreys and White-tailed Eagles living in large bodies of water in the North-West of Russia according to GPS-GSM telemetry. 461465

Kazansky F.V., Babushkin M.V. The current state of wintering of birds of prey on the Kurilskoe Lake (Kamchatka). 465470

Mnatsekanov R.A., Tilba P.A., Naidanov I.S., Dinkevich M.A., Popov S.L., Korotkiy T.V. The White-tailed Eagle in the Northwest Caucasus. 470477

Owls of Northern Eurasia

Bakka C.V., Kiseleva N.Yu. Owls of the Tulashor site of the Nurgush Nature Reserve and the surrounding area. 478482

Bragin E.A., Bragina T.M. On the biology of owls in the Naurzum Nature Reserve. 482488

Evseeva A.M., Levashkin A.P., Kalyakin V.N. The Eagle Owl breeding and diet spectrum in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. 488489

Ivanovsky V.V. The comparative analysis of ecological niches of the Ural and Great Grey owls in the Northern Belarus. 490495

Kovin'ka T.S., Sharikov A.V., Buslakov V.V. Ecological factors impact on food-niche width changes in three species of vole-eating birds of prey in the North of Moscow Region. 495497

Kozlovsky E.E., Kisleyko A.A. The Blakiston’s Fish Owl population monitoring results on Kunashir island (Southern Kurils). 498502

Kondrakova K.D., Sharikov A.V. The influence of environmental factors on the population dynamics and the success nesting of the Long-eared Owl in the North of Moscow Region. 502505

Kuklina M.D., Redkov V.S., Chudnenko D.E., Savelyev L.K. The Eagle Owl diet in the northwestern part of the Balakhna lowland. 505508

Massalskaya T.S., Sharikov A.V. Nest-site habitat structure of the Long-eared Owl and factors determining their settlements. 509510

Muzaev V.M., Erdnenov G.I. New datа on Strigiformes listed in the Red Data Book of Kalmykia. 511515

Nefyodov A.A. The Little Owl and Tawny Owl in Western Siberia. 515520

Pedenko A.S. Diet of the Tawny Owl in the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Biosphere Reserve during the spring-summer period. 520526

Pirogov N.G. Owls of Bogdo-Baskunchak Nature Reserve. 526529

Fionina E.A., Valova E.V., Natal'skaya O.V. New data on owls of Ryazan Region. 529541

Shishkina E.M., Sharikov A.V. Structure of Pygmy Owl and Tengmalm’s Owl territories in the cohabitation sites in the North of the Moscow Region. 541543

Submitted by Michael Romanov

Modified: Oct. 27, 2021, 8:26 a.m.

General information

The conference is dedicated to the memory of Alexander Ivanovich Shepel.

Dates: 20.09.2021 – 25.09.2021.

Place: Voronezh, Russia.

Organizers: Peskov's Voronezh State Natural Biosphere Reserve, Southern Federal University, Menzbir Ornithological Society, Russian Bird Conservation Union.