Online conference on birds and power lines

– 03/05/2021.

On March 3, the Association «Электросетьизоляция» together with the Russian Bird Conservation Union held an online conference "Implementation of technical policy in the field of ensuring ornithological safety in the power grid complex."

Raptors Worldwide. 2004. Proceedings of the 6th World Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls (Budapest, 2003)

– 02/09/2021.

This copious volume of 890 pages forms the Proceedings of the 6th World Conference on Birds of Prey & Owls held in May 2003 in Budapest, Hungary. Outstanding amongst the 81 refereed original papers in English, presented by over 150 authors from all over the world, is an extensive section on vultures, severely threatened if not already extinct in many parts of their former range, comprising 12 papers on different Old and New World species and their conservation together with eight special studies providing a comprehensive picture of the recent catastrophic decline of species in the genus Gyps in Southern Asia, particularly India and Pakistan, the hitherto inexplicable cause of which was first revealed during this conference. Other sections are devoted, among others, to such wide-ranging topics as Population Limitation, Taxonomy, Electrocutions, Raptor/Human Conflicts and Environmental Contaminants. Other special sections are devoted to Falcons and Eagles respectively, including accounts of the unrivalled conservation work carried out in Hungary on such endangered species as the Saker Falcon and Imperial Eagle, forming an object lesson for other countries. Many other papers present the most up to date state of research and conservation of different diurnal and nocturnal raptors worldwide.

Free books from 'Vsenauka'

– 02/05/2021.

The universe, the quantum world, genes, the brain, intelligence, society, human origins ... Beginning from February 8, 2021, dozens of key popular science books on the most important topics will be available for downloading for free and at completely legally.

Ornitologia, volume 44

– 02/04/2021.

The content of the next 44th volume of the journal "Ornithology" has been published on its website. The editorial board reminds that the acceptance of manuscripts for the next 45th volume of the journal continues.

The Environmental Library

– 01/29/2021.

Forth update of the Library of environmental literature is completed. 947 new editions are placed in two sections of the library. 917 editions have been added to the "Shared Library" section (a total of 1670 editions now); 30 editions were added to the section Library of literature on geotechnologies for the protection and study of nature (totaling 101 editions).